Marble Man



  1. When you play 2 players, the winner of each level gets a bonus 5 seconds. If your opponent can make it as far as the silly race, that's an extra 25 seconds for the ultimate race, not to mention a possible extra 10 seconds with a wand. The opponent can also continue once (with the same time as the other player).
  2. This doesn't work with emulators, but does work in the arcade version: In a one player game, if you use both trackballs (one with each hand) you can move with greater control and at considerably greater speed. It takes a while to get used to, but once you do the reward is great. It makes finishing the game a snap.
  3. The Practice Race has three parabolic curves just before the goal. They can be used to jump on the other side of the track, if you have enough speed. You will land onto some number that will give out a few thousand points.
  4. On the second level (Intermediate Race) each player starts out on a platform and has to roll down a ramp into a maze. If you jump off the platform at the correct angle, you can land on the surface between the mazes and roll directly to the maze exit. Start at the center line of the side of the platform opposite the ramp, and aim for the right edge of the place where the platform and ramp meet. Reverse this for the right player.
  5. On the third level (Aerial race), the second player has a chance to jump onto the first player. At the start, you can jump over the first curve and land on the first player track.
  6. On the fourth level (Silly Race), near the end there is a maze-like area where you go up a ramp and have to negotiate several turns and go down a ramp. The walls of the up-ramp are short, and you can jump off the ramp and around the maze by going up the ramp, then back down and hard left.

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