Marble Man


Marble Muncher

The Marble Muncher appears on levels 1 (Beginner Race), 2 (Intermediate Race) and 5 (Ultimate Race). This bizarre looking creature walks like a Slinky and pounces on nearby marbles. If you happen to accidentally touch one, you'll be stunned for a few seconds increasing your chances of being eaten!

Acid Slime

Acid Slime appear in great numbers on level 2 (Intermediate Race). Don't get too close to one because touching one means certain death. Unlike the Marble Muncher, they don't actually target the marble. A few Acid Slime appear on level 5 (Ultimate Race).

Steel Marble

The Steel Marble is the bane of your existence in Marble Madness. Nicknamed "Steelie" by Mark Cerny, the sole purpose of this beast is to knock you into the abyss. In its single-minded rage to bash you, it's possible to fake the marble into throwing itself over a cliff (giving you extra points). On level 3 (Aerial Race), if you time the catapult just right, you can land on Steelie and crush him.

Giant Hoover

This huge vacuum only appears on level 3 (Aerial Race) and can be easilly dodged with a little momentum and a safe distance. Get too close, though, and you'll be sucked right in.

Hidden Hammer

The Hidden Hammers appear on level 3 (Aerial Race). Popping out of the track itself, they can either stun a marble or knock it completely off the track. Four hammers appear together on the level and come up in various sequences. You sort of have to think of Indiana Jones dodging (insert method of death-inducing device here) when timing your run past these obstacles.

Needle Bird

The Needle Birds fly in large flocks on level 4 (Silly Race). Magically appearing out of thin air, they pop any unsuspecting marble they touch. Time your run past them as you would the Hidden Hammers.

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