Marble Man


As a general rule, I am against cheats of any sort. However, using these cheats can allow you to "experiment" inside the world of Marble Madness by adding time or canceling the clock all-together.

Arcade Stand-up Version

  1. Begin a game, and then hold down either the 1 or 2 player Start, and press the "service switch" twice.
  2. The first press will glitch the screen display slightly. The second will remove it and give you 99 seconds to complete the level.
  3. This method adds 60 seconds to the clock, after which the normal countdown will begin.
  4. The clock will not appear to be counting down during the first 60 seconds, probably because the 99-second display was overflowed by the extra 60 seconds added.
  5. This method can be used multiple times per level for virtually infinite play time.

MAME Version

By using a CHEAT.DAT file, you can enable any of the following cheats in MAME when playing Marble Madness:

  • Infinite Credits
  • Infinite Time
  • Never be stunned or smashed (This cheat stops you getting stunned when hit and allows you to drop onto lower visible platforms without smashing the marble)
  • Finish this Round Now

To enable the MAME cheats:

  1. Download the CHEAT.DAT file.
  2. Copy the file to your 'C:\MAME' folder.
  3. Launch MAME with the following command: 'MAME marble -cheat'.
  4. Press 5 to insert a credit.
  5. Press 1 to start the game.
  6. Press TAB to pull up the MAME menu.
  7. Select 'Cheat'.
  8. Select 'Enable/Disable a Cheat'.
  9. Select the cheat you want to enable.

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