Marble Man


Marble Madness Homepage
Excellent Marble Madness site created by Bernhard Kirsch. Bern has a good interview with Mark Cerny on his site.

Cerny Games
Mark Cerny's game consulting company website.

Marble Insanity
These guys are updating the original marble madness with better graphics and new levels. Very cool!

Marble Mania 2003
A very cool Marble Madness mod for Unreal 2003.

Marble Blast
A 3D game featuring a marble.

ClassicGaming - Marble Madness
ClassicGaming's write-up on Marble Madness for Game of the Week.

SafeStuff - Atari Games Prototype Museum
Only guy I know of that has a working Marble Madness 2: Marble Man.

Super Monkey Ball
Got a Nintendo GameCube? This is a 3D Marble Madness with a monkey inside the marble!

Nintendo Marble Madness FAQ
This is the game FAQ for the Nintendo version of Marble Madness.

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