Original Code

Each of these methods for playing Adventure use the original code as developed by Warren Robinett.

  1. Adventure on the Atari 2600 game console.
    This is the original and still the coolest way to play the game! There is nothing better than plugging your Atari 2600 console into your TV and popping in your favorite game cartridge. Play Warren Robinett's classic the way it was supposed to be played. If you don't currently own the console or the game, you can almost always find them for sale on ebay.
  2. Adventure on an Atari 2600 emulator.
    If you just can't get your hands on an original Atari 2600 game console, this is the next best way to play the game. You can download an Atari 2600 emulator and Adventure ROM file and play the game on your PC. This is my second favorite way to play because the ROM is still the original game. It may lose a little of the feeling because you don't have the Atari joystick in your hands but it's still a great way to play. Download the ROM file and install an Atari 2600 emulator. Popular Atari 2600 emulators include PC Atari (DOS/WinX), StellaX (WinX), and Z26 (WinX).
  3. Adventure on the Atari 10-in-1 TV Games.
    Okay, I would love to recommend this product to you, but I just can't. At first you might think, "Wow! This thing looks awesome!" Well, that's what I thought, but boy was I wrong. As it turns out, JAKKS Pacific, the company that produced the product, changed a bunch of stuff in the code (which makes me tempted to put it under the Mods section). First, the "dot" in the black castle that unlocks the hidden room is no longer invisible. Also, once you unlock the hidden room they REMOVED Warren Robinett's name! What the heck?!! Instead, you find the word "TEXT" on the top of the screen. I mean... that is just lame, people. Other issues include a "shadow" bar that follows the player around and Grindle, the green dragon, appears purple. A purple Grindle? Please! Read a review of it here.

Ports, Remakes, Sequels

Adventure was such a popular game (having sold over a million cartridges) that it developed a huge fan base. Many gamers have found ways of paying homage to this classic by porting it to other platforms.

  1. Adventure in DirectX by Dave Copeland.
    Dave has created a very faithful remake of the original Adventure game. As with the other remakes, he's added a few new levels and items. New items include a candle (to see further in the catacombs) and a shield (to protect you from dragons).
  2. Adventure in Flash by Scott Pehnke.
    Scott has made a really nifty remake of Adventure using Flash. As with most of the other remakes, there are slight differences in game play that are apparent to the purist. Most noticeable of these is the fact Yorgle doesn't run from the gold key. This issue can be seen in just about all of the remakes.
  3. Adventure in DOS by Craig Pell. (aka Indenture by VGR).
    Perhaps the first Adventure remake, Craig went all out and created an extra difficulty level that includes over 300 different rooms! One of the new items on this difficulty level can be used to neutralize the bat. For more information, read the interview with Craig Pell.
  4. Adventure 2 for the Atari 5200 by Ron Lloyd, Keith Erickson, and Alan Davis.
    This group of old school gamers is creating a sequel to the greatest game on earth. Let's see if it lives up to the original.
  5. Adventure for Quake by Gregory D. George.
    Ever wanted to play Adventure in 3-D? Now is your chance! Check out this absolutely sweet custom level for Quake III.


Modifications (or Mods for short) are pretty common in the gaming industry. One of the most popular multi-player games on the Internet, Counter-Strike, is actually a mod of another game, Half-Life. So, it should come as no surprise that there are mods for our favorite Atari 2600 game. These mods take the original code and make interesting changes to them. Typically, the changes are different mazes, items, etc. Since they are based on the original code, you'll need an Atari 2600 emulator to play them.

  1. Adventure Plus by Steve Engelhardt
    Steve has made a cool Adventure hack that includes the following changes:
    Title Screen Added ("Adventure+"). Thanks to Nukey Shay, who helped removed the flicker.
    The Left and right border walls have been removed in the main corridor (underneath the original location of the yellow castle), allowing you to warp from one side to the other.
    Game 1: Red Dragon added, one new (semi-hidden, accessible only with the bridge) room added to blue maze, many item locations changed.
    Game 2: Many items are in new locations, including the Chalice. If you have trouble finding the Chalice, drop us a line and we'll give you a hint.
    Dragons changed to look more like dragons and less like ducks.
    Chalice, magnet, castle gates, sword, level select numbers, and bridge graphics all changed.
    Castles made wider at the top, for no particular reason.
    A Plus("+") sign was added in the castle gate graphic.
    Barrier Obstacles added to the corridor rooms.
    All-New Blue Maze
    All-New Invisible Maze
    All-New White Castle Maze
    Revised (very slightly modified) Black Castle Maze
    Yellow Castle changed to a dark orange color
    Yellow Key changed to orange to match new yellow castle color
    Blue Maze changed to a darker blue
    Startup screen changed from purple to a tan color
    Level select numbers changed to dark blue
    Main Corridor colors changed to dark blue and dark purple from the previous shades of green.
    Yellow Castle and Black Castle moved to different locations.
    The two "top entry rooms" near the white castle were moved, and the original entrances to them were closed off.
  2. Suicide Adventure by George Veeder
    Suicide Adventure is an insidious hack of Atari's Adventure that makes the game quite a bit more difficult to beat. In fact, many people believe it's impossible, although George Veeder, the hack's author, claims he is able to finish it. This version includes modified screen layouts and object placements for all three levels, increased movement speed of bat and dragons, bite speed of dragons, and some object interaction with dragons (ie: Yellow dragon guards yellow key, red guards bridge, will not run from sword no matter what).
  3. Zelda Adventure by Kyle Pittman
    This hack of Adventure, titled Zelda, includes the following changes:
    Keys have been changed into Ocarinas.
    "Roughly" changed the dragons into Crude looking Giants, but this was difficult so they still resemble dragons
    Changed the bats into Batpeople
    Changed the gates to include the Z emblem
    Changed the --> sword into a broadsword