There are several objects scattered about The Kingdom. You'll need to make use of most of these in order to obtain the Enchanted Chalice. Watch out for the bat, Knubberrub, though! He likes to pilfer your items.


There are three keys scattered around The Kingdom. Each key unlocks the castle of the matching color. There is a Gold Key, a White Key and a Black Key.


Find the sword and use it to slay the dragons. Be careful, though, the Bat loves to steal this item and leave you defenseless.


Need an item that is stuck in a wall? Get the magnet and you can attract any other object on this page.


Some locations in The Kingdom can only be reached by using the bridge. This object allows you to pass over walls.

Enchanted Chalice

The Enchanted Chalice was stolen by the Evil Magician. You must find this chalice and return it to the Gold Castle.


The "Dot"

What's the "Dot" for? Take a look at the Easter Egg page.