In the game of Adventure, you must locate the Enchanted Chalice hidden somewhere in the Kingdom. This will not be an easy task since an Evil Magician has created several creatures to thwart in in your quest. These creatures include three dragons and a pesky bat. All of the creatures in the game are considered "bad magic".


Yorgle, the Yellow Dragon, is just plain mean. He roams freely about the Kingdom and may stop to assist Grundle or Rhindle in guarding whatever they may be guarding. He is scared of the Gold Key, however, and will flee the room if it is present.


Grundle, the Green Dragon, is mean and ferocious. He guards the Magnet, the Bridge, and the Black Key. He moves at the same speed as Yorgle but tends to have a quicker bite.


Rhindle, the Red Dragon, is the most ferocious of all the dragons. Rhindle is also the fastest dragon and is the most difficult to outmaneuver. He guards the White Key or the Enchanted Chalice.


Knubberrub, the Black Bat, is a pesky creature but can do you no physical harm. He flies about the Kingdom looking for objects to pilfer or hide. He may trade you a live Dragon for the Sword and leave you defensless, or he may trade you something for the Enchanted Chalice just as you are ready to put it into the Golden Castle.